Dry Shampoo with Arrowroot Powder

Powdered dry shampoo is so easy to make and use! The powders absorb the oil and grease from your scalp, giving you that much more time to sleep in on lazy mornings!

dry shampoo

1/4 cup arrowroot powder

1/8 cup rice flour/powder

2 T kaolin (white) clay

1 T baking soda

Enough cacao powder (NOT cocoa) to match your hair color (for brunettes; add in teaspoonful increments)

4 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops rose essential oil (you can also use a rose-jojoba oil blend like this) (or other favorite essential oil mix. Note: citrus oils are photosensitive and may lighten hair)

A powder shaker

Mix ingredients well and transfer to shaker. To use, sprinkle on scalp and distribute with an old makeup brush. Let sit for a minute, then work powder through scalp and hair with fingers. You can also apply dry shampoo before bed to really give it time to work and absorb those oils! 

dry shampoo ing

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