Natural Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant

I never use commercial antiperspirant; your body is meant to sweat! Sweating helps your body detox and keeps it functioning normally. Sweat doesn’t have to smell though! This natural recipe keeps me smelling fresh all day long—even through hot yoga classes! The Diatomaceous Earth helps control odor, even if you have sensitive skin, while the arrowroot powder helps keep you dry!


3 T cup coconut oil

3 T beeswax pellets (or grated beeswax)

3 T shea butter (I prefer unrefined)

1 T grapeseed oil

2 T arrowroot powder

2 T Diatomaceous Earth (food grade!!)

2 T baking soda (or more Diatomaceous Earth if skin is especially sensitive)

1/2 tsp vitamin E (to preserve)

10 drops lavender essential oil (antibacterial)

10 drops tea tree essential oil (antibacterial)

Melt coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, and grapeseed oil together in a Pyrex measuring cup in a shallow pot of water over medium heat, mixing continuously.

Once melted, remove measuring cup from heat and mix in all other ingredients, stirring quickly and thoroughly after each addition. Mixture should be smooth and creamy.

Before mixture hardens, pour into a clean 4oz jar or container.

To use, warm a small-pea-sized amount between clean fingers and gently rub into underarms.

deo ingredients

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