A Note on Honey

Did you know that a bee will only produce one teaspoon of honey in its entire life? Honey is actually food for bees and their larvae! Many commercial companies replace the honey with a sub-par sugar mixture that’s not as nutritious. They also usually clip the queen bee’s wings to keep the hive from leaving, and will even kill and replace an aging queen. Maybe I’m a sap, but learning that just broke my heart.

I use honey in a few of my recipes—it’s the only non-vegan ingredient you’ll find here—and while honey consumption should ideally be limited, it is still possible to enjoy it ethically. Buying from farmer’s markets allows you to confirm that the queen bee and the larvae are treated humanely, and enough honey is left in the hive. It’s also so important to buy organic!! I know it may seem like an unnecessarily expensive hassle at first, but you’ll really be getting better quality honey, and isn’t it worth it to help save the bees??


One thought on “A Note on Honey

  1. this is a good reminder about honey. I tend to use too much of it, but I am going get it from the Farmer’s Market now


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