Steams for All Skin Types

Steams are a great way to pamper your skin and help deep-clean your pores. Depending on the herbs you choose, you can treat almost any skin complaint! Steaming with good quality (make sure they’re organic!) herbs is incredibly beneficial for you skin, however, you should avoid steams if you have weeping acne, sun or windburned skin, or skin that’s especially sensitive.

Instructions for all recipes:

Pour 2 cups boiled water and 2 cups hot tap water in a bowl and add your chosen herbs. Steep, covered, for five minutes.

Wash face thoroughly.

Sit leaning over the bowl with a towel covering your head and the bowl. Keep your eyes closed and your face at least 6 inches from the water to keep from getting burnt. Relax for 10-15 minutes.

Rinse face with warm (not hot) water. Follow with a toner and moisturizer, or with a mask for extra skin benefits. 


Acne Steam: For oily and acneic skin

2 tsp calendula

1 tsp Oregon grape root

1 tsp lavender

1 tsp nettle (don’t use fresh leaves!)

1 tsp thyme or lemon thyme

optional: 1 tsp peppermint


Soothing steam: Calming and nourishing for all skin types

1 tsp lavender

1 tsp calendula

1 tsp chamomile

1 tsp comfrey root

1 tsp marshmallow root

1 tsp lemon balm


Hydrating steam: For dry and mature skin

1 tsp roses

1 tsp chamomile

1 tsp lavender

1 tsp calendula

1 tsp comfrey root

1 tsp elder flowers

Optional: 1 tsp fresh lemon peel

steam ing

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