Stocking Stuffers: Bath Salts

I love making my own holiday gifts. I've sewed 17 stockings so far this year! To stuff them, I’ve made a number of soaps and little body care products. Today, here are two simple bath salt recipes. I’ve packaged them in little glass test tubes as single servings. Rose Detox Bath Salts: 5 T Epsom … Continue reading Stocking Stuffers: Bath Salts

Floral Body Oil

With chilly weather comes drier skin. This is a light and easily absorbed body oil, but still moisturizing and healing to any patches of chapped skin. The scent is a nice floral reminder of spring! For extra healing, especially for very chapped skin or eczema, try infusing your oil first. Chamomile, lavender, calendula, and comfrey … Continue reading Floral Body Oil

Natural Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant

I never use commercial antiperspirant; your body is meant to sweat! Sweating helps your body detox and keeps it functioning normally. Sweat doesn’t have to smell though! This natural recipe keeps me smelling fresh all day long—even through hot yoga classes! The Diatomaceous Earth helps control odor, even if you have sensitive skin, while the … Continue reading Natural Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant