Stocking Stuffers: Healing Salve

The next stocking stuffer I’ve made this year is this amazing healing salve! This salve is just the thing to apply to scrapes, cuts, burns, bites, blisters, chapped lips, and irritated skin. It does it all! Below, I’ve listed all the (extensive!) benefits of each ingredient. 1 cup olive oil 3/4 cup unrefined coconut oil … Continue reading Stocking Stuffers: Healing Salve

A Note on Honey

Did you know that a bee will only produce one teaspoon of honey in its entire life? Honey is actually food for bees and their larvae! Many commercial companies replace the honey with a sub-par sugar mixture that’s not as nutritious. They also usually clip the queen bee’s wings to keep the hive from leaving, … Continue reading A Note on Honey

Brightening Pumpkin Enzyme Mask for All Skin Types

To celebrate the approach of Halloween, here’s a pumpkin mask, perfect for rejuvenating skin in cold weather! Pumpkin is full of vitamins and minerals, and is great for cell renewal, circulation, and preventing wrinkles. Honey is healing, moisturizing, and anti-bacterial. For all skin types feeling dull, except especially sensitive. 1 T canned pumpkin (make sure … Continue reading Brightening Pumpkin Enzyme Mask for All Skin Types